We offer a free program called our 13-week growth guarantee.  Most children grow a half size every 3 months, which means keeping them in a pair of properly fitting shoes can be challenging.  We offer the 13-week growth guarantee as a way to help minimize the cost of putting your child in new shoes every 3 months.  Here is how the program works, if your child outgrows their shoes within the 13 weeks, we prorate the time left and apply it to the new shoe.  Example would be you buy a shoe for $50.00 and the child outgrows the shoe in 10 weeks.  We divide the $50.00 by 13 and get $3.85 then you take that number times 3 (for each week left in the 13 weeks) which gives you $11.55.  We would then take $11.55 off the purchase price of a new shoe *some exclusions apply, see store for details*. We encourage parents to come in and have their children’s feet checked regularly.