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F W Toenges & Sons, Inc, Shoes - Retail, Fort Wayne, IN


How can I contact you?
Fort Wayne
Local 260-484-4742 or toll free 877-484-4742

Retail Fax 260-471-4303

Pedorthic Fax 260-482-2966
Local 765-289-7105

Fax 765-289-7168

What are the Retail and Pedorthic hours?
Fort Wayne Retail Hours
Monday - Friday 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Fort Wayne Pedorthic Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Muncie Retail Hours
Monday - Friday 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Muncie Pedorthic Hours
Monday - Friday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Where are you located?

2415 Hobson Rd Fort Wayne IN 46805

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4311 W Clara Ln Muncie IN 47304

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Do I need an appointment to meet with a Pedorthist?
Yes, it is best to make an appointment to ensure you will be seen by a Pedorthist.
In some cases, mainly cases where a patient is without a prescription, a $35.00 evaluation and treatment fee will be charged. This fee is not covered by most insurance providers.

What is a good fit?
To insure a good fit in your new shoes:
Try them on with the appropriate socks. The best time to try on new shoes is at the end of the day when your feet are 50% wider.
Stand up in your shoes. Walk around a bit. You should be able to wiggle your toes in the front of the shoe. You should have 3/8" to 1/2" of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
Don't buy shoes that are too tight. If you are hoping they will stretch to be comfortable, they probably won't. It is true that soft leather and suede will give slightly, molding to your foot; but they will not dramatically increase in width. There is a difference between a "snug", comfortable fit, and a "tight", uncomfortable fit. A few laps around a carpeted room should help you decide how you feel.

What is your frequent buyer program?
We have a couple of free programs at Fred Toenges Shoes and Pedorthics with one of them being our frequent buyer program.  When you buy shoes under your phone number (we use the phone number so if more then one person from a family is buying, everyones shoes from that family will count towards the frequent buyer) we keep track of how many shoes you have purchased.  When you buy 11 pairs of shoes (6 pairs in the case of the Muncie store) we take the average of those previous 11 shoes and apply it towards your 12th pair.  Example would be you buy 11 shoes that total $900.00 then when you purchase your 12th pair you'd get $81.82 off that pair of shoes.  We have no time limit on the program so you don't need to purchase all 11 pair in a year or use 12th pair discount within a certain period.

What is your 13 week growth guarantee?
The other free program we offer is called our 13 week growth guarantee.  Most children grow a half size every 3 months which any parent will tell makes keeping them in the right size shoe a challenge.  We offer the 13 week growth guarantee as a way to help minimize the cost of putting your child in a new shoe every 3 months.  The program works in that if the child outgrows the shoe within the 13 weeks we prorate the time left and apply that to the new shoe.  Example would be you buy a shoe for $50.00 and the child outgrows the shoe in 10 weeks.  We divide the $50.00 by 13 and get $3.85 then you take that number times 3 (for each week left in the 13 weeks) which gives you $11.55.  We would then take $11.55 off the price of a new shoe. We send out reminder cards around the 3 month mark to remind the parents to bring the child in to see if they have outgrow the shoe but you can bring the child in anytime for a free size check.

Government Contracting Info
Please contact Lisa Long at 1-877-484-4742 ext 28 or email for any of the following information.

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